Our latest release – Private vendor marketplace,

We have just released our latest major release – Private vendor maketplace.

Companies, be it recruitment firms or corporates use vendors to supplement their sourcing. This is a reality in most cases where in-house sourcing bandwidth is not enough to meet the demand.

As part of our recruitment automation system we have just launched our private vendor marketplace. This is a Private marketplace where the companies can choose which vendors to empanel and work with.

Our goal was to create value for both our customers and their vendors.

For our customers

  • A simple way to open up the job to select vendors and start seeing the incoming candidate flow into their pipeline.
  • Control access to the pipeline at every stage. Some of our clients only give access to the client-submit stage, some choose to give access to stages such as document collection and followup in addition to client-submit.
  • Keep the vendor in sync with the status of the candidate. ZERO mail updates and followups. The vendors see the candidate move along the pipeline in real time.
  • No cofusion about candidate ownership between vendors with Hirewand acting as a gatekeeper. Duplicate profiles never enter the system, with the policy on ownership configured and followed by the system, with no possibility of human bias.
  • On top of all this is the choice for our customer to automate any of steps in the pipeline, be it assessments, candidate verfication or document collection. All with no human intervention.

For the vendors

  • Get the incoming jobs and submit candidates in realtime to the client, with no back and forth on mail
  • Instant duplicate check, before the candidate is pushed to the company.
  • A dashboard where they see the live status of their submitted candidates.
  • Automated matching of best fit candidates from their internal database. Imagine a tool that tells you the top candidate you can shortlist for the job that just came in from the client. Simply talk to the candidate and submit.

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