Striking the Balance: Blending AI & Intuition

Picture this, your recruiter uses AI which is like that super-efficient robot coworker who never takes a coffee break.

AI crunches data, sorts resumes, and calculates compatibility, while also providing predictive insights based on historical data. AI Chatbots keep the candidates engaged, schedule their interviews, send the emails, invites, and reminders. They collect feedbacks too.

An AI-powered technology like Hirewand provides recruiters with data-backed insights. It highlights trends, identifies bottlenecks, and suggests areas for improvement. The list is long when it comes to everything AI can do to improve the quality of a recruiter’s life.

But this is not all!

The true power of AI can be leveraged when it is coupled with Human Intuition. While AI can analyse thousands of resumes, work with a 100x speed, it still cannot (yet) detect contexts and apply intuition like a human.

Recruiters can read between the lines, understand career gaps much better, empathise and acknowledge if they have to. Recruiters can brush aside the skills that the candidates may highlight as deal breakers on their resumes and ask about things that are not mentioned on it. Recruiters can sense cultural fits and misfits. They can adjust and readjust their screening questions, and decode the tone of the candidates.

So the magic is in the Fusion – AI + Human Intuition.

It is when AI de-burdens them from all the repetitive mundane tasks that recruiters can effortlessly sprinkle their magic dust on AI’s recommendations, and together they can function as a dream team.

So why the wait? Get your recruiters their perfect AI partner like Hirewand, so they can ease their way to better hires for your company!

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