Recruiter skillset in the world of automation

Multi-tasking and color-coded reports are no more the hallmarks of a successful recruiter. It is time to give your recruiters a software upgrade.

As soon as a CV lands in your inbox or job boards, Recruitment Automation systems like Hirewand take over, they parse the CV, match it to a job role, highlight skills, calculate fit scores and move the candidate through the pipeline. Hirewand can automate literally every step in the hiring process.

This fundamentally changes how recruiters spend their time, in this new world of automation. With this comes an emphasis on a skillset for recruiters that enables them to leverage automation and bring in the human touch that machines cannot bring to bear…

Listening to the Unsaid: Recruiters who can listen, really listen, to a candidate’s aspirations and fears. Those who believe that a career switch isn’t just about swapping job titles; it’s about transforming lives. These recruiters can spot a diamond in the rough, even if the CV screams “average.”

The Empathy Factor: Empathy is their secret weapon. Find a recruiter who can understand that a rejection email isn’t just a formality—it’s a moment that can crush dreams or ignite resilience. Those who believe that behind every LinkedIn profile is a person with hopes, and fears.

The Intuition Quotient: Intuition guides them. When faced with two equally qualified candidates, they sense the spark in one and the flicker in the other. They trust their gut, and know that sometimes, the best hires are the ones who surprise you.

The Emotional Intelligence Edge: Emotional intelligence (EQ) is their superpower. They decode body language during video interviews, spotting nervous twitches and confident grins. And when a candidate stumbles, they offer a virtual pat on the back, whispering, “You’ve got this.”

So, it is time for companies to arm themselves with the new breed who can embrace the magic of intuition, empathy, and emotional intelligence. Because in this AI-powered world, it’s the human touch that seals the deal.

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