Building Simplicity into Your Product: Our Learnings at Hirewand

During a recent discussion with a potential client, they emphasized the relief and preference for Hirewand’s user interface (UI) over our competitors. They highlighted how competitor complexities often deterred their decision-making process. Multiple alternatives were abandoned solely due to cumbersome UIs. This underscores a common challenge in tech: while aiming for powerful functionalities, simplicity is crucial.

Common Pitfalls:

Feature Overload: Attempting to accommodate every conceivable functionality can turn a UI into a labyrinth, ultimately hampering productivity, especially critical in recruitment automation.

Overwhelming Visual Elements: Crowding screens with excessive icons, buttons, and data can confuse users, undermining usability. At times, in our quest to minimize clicks, we unintentionally overwhelmed users with too many elements on a single screen.

Impact of Feature Evolution on UX: As features evolve, UIs can become inconsistent or overly complex. Refactoring becomes essential to maintain usability and simplicity.

Challenges in Simplification:

Companies often resist simplifying complex UIs due to:

  • Resistance to Change: Inertia favors adding new features over simplification efforts.
  • Short-term Focus: Prioritizing speedy feature rollouts can compromise long-term user experience improvements.
  • Resource Allocation: Balancing UI improvements with new feature development poses resource challenges.
  • Risk Aversion: Fear of alienating existing users with UI changes.

Hirewand’s Approach: Commitment to UI Simplicity

We’ve learned from our mistakes and prioritize continuous UI improvement, even if it means slowing new feature development. For us, “features that aren’t usable might as well not exist.”

Our Method:

  1. UI Reviews: Regular reviews prioritize and fix complex UI elements incrementally, ensuring ongoing improvement without disruption.
  2. User Feedback: Centered on user needs, feedback informs UI adjustments to simplify workflows and enhance clarity.
  3. Incremental Improvements: We opt for gradual enhancements to avoid user disruption and ensure smooth adaptation.


While embracing UI simplicity involves challenges, it significantly enhances user experience and strengthens product appeal. At Hirewand, we are dedicated to making powerful tools accessible and intuitive for our users.

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